Council Secretariat

Council Secretariat enquiries number: 01865 (2)70008
Fax: 01865 (2)70222


Postal address: Council Secretariat, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

Deputy University Secretary: Position vacant
Interim Head of the Council Secretariat: Michael Sibly 
PA to the Deputy University Secretary: Martina Harley

The Council Secretariat is responsible for administration relating to the University’s governance and compliance.

The Secretariat supports the University’s governance processes servicing Congregation, Council and many of its committees including the General Purposes Committee and the Finance Committee; maintaining the University’s statutes and regulations, and administering the University’s elections and appointments to its decision-making bodies.

The Secretariat’s compliance work includes handling all matters relating to the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts, the University’s anti-bribery and fraud procedures and, with IT Services, information security. The section is also responsible for supporting the University’s risk management processes including the maintenance of the University’s Strategic Risk Register.

The Head of the Council Secretariat, Director of Planning and Resource Allocation, reports to the Registrar.